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Summary of 2005 Research

AMI Events

MLMI Goes Overseas for its third edition!

Building up on the success of MLMI’04 held in Martigny and MLMI’05 held in Edinburgh, the third edition of the Workshop on Multimodal Interaction and Related Machine Learning Algorithms (MLMI) is coming to Washington DC, USA for the first time.

The workshop will feature talks (including a number of invited speakers), posters, and demonstrations. In common with MLMI'05, the workshop will be immediately followed by the NIST meeting recognition retour a la ligne a enlever workshop, centering on the Rich Transcription 2006 Meeting Recognition (RT-06) evaluation. This workshop will take place at the same location during 3-4 May 2006.

Topics covered by the workshop will be the following

  • human-human communication modeling
  • speech processing
  • visual processing
  • multimodal processing, fusion and fission
  • multimodal discourse and dialog modeling
  • human-human interaction modeling
  • multimodal indexing, structuring, summarization and presentation
  • multimodal annotation
  • applications and HCI issues
  • machine learning applied to the above

In common with MLMI'04 and MLMI'05, the workshop proceedings will be published by Springer, in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) series.

The AMI Training Programme

The AMI Training Programme aims to spread excellence by providing training for young researchers in domains covered by the AMI project. The major training activity is to support placements for researchers to work in AMI laboratories on AMI-related projects. The programme is available to researchers at all levels, from undergraduate to post-doctoral, and covers travel costs and living expenses. The placement programme is open to researchers outside the AMI partner laboratories, and to researchers outside Europe, and while 6-12 months is typical, there are no restrictions on placement length.

Within the first year of the programme, 16 researchers were offered placements across the AMI partners: 7 at ICSI, 3 at the University of Sheffield, 2 at the IDIAP Research Institute, 2 at TNO, 1 at the University of Edinburgh, and 1 at the University of Twente. Of these, there were 3 Post-doctoral researchers, 9 Ph.D. students, 2 Masters students and 2 undergraduates, and 8 of the researchers came from home institutions outside the AMI consortium. Full details of the placement programme are available online at , along with a list of researchers sponsored by the programme and details of their projects.

At the end of the second year of the training programme, we can proudly announce that 38 researchers were offered placement across the AMI partners.

A special AMI Newsletter (issue N0. 7) featuring the AMI training programme was released in December 2005 and features some abstract of student research. You can find more information about it on the deliverable D10.2: Analysis of training activities in Y2.

In addition to the placement scheme, the AMI Training Programme provides support to the Euromasters Scheme in Language and Speech and will sponsor a Summer School for AMI researchers starting in 2006.

The AMI Technology Transfer Event

During this second year the AMI Technology transfer activity increased drastically.

Market studies were provided at the end of the first year and followed up by updates during the second year. Out of these reports, a planned approach to the business was established and a few technology transfer activities were selected. Among them:

  • the establishment of a community of interest who help AMI ready the project’s research product for commercial market. It facilitates scientist understanding of current commercial offerings and needs by providing regular and frequent feedback from business. It also raise the awareness of a closely cultivated group of commercial manufacturers developing and offering new solutions to the work and achievement of European projects.

  • An additional new AMI website targeted to technology transfer activities and interest and some communication tools

  • A selection of exhibition and events to which the AMI project will participate.

On March 2006, the AMI project had the opportunity to participate to the Cebit (see Newsletter for more information). A report commenting this successful event will shortly be posted

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